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Vgetty turns your voice modem into an answering machine. It adds voice capabilities to mgetty. This means, that you can handle data, fax and voice calls on one telephone line. How good all this works depends strongly on the modem you have. There are many modems with bad voice implementations and quite a few more expensive ones with a good hardware and firmware.

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My Picture Vgetty was maintained and developed by Marc Eberhard with the help of many other people around the world.
After Marc Eberhard, it was maintained by Marc Schaefer, until 2003. See the file Credits, which comes with the source code, for details.
Since then, vgetty is basically unmaintained - it compiles and works, if you happen to have a supported modem, but for newer voice deployments, using things like Asterisk and SIP is much easier.

The latest official vgetty version is always included in the mgetty+sendfax package from Gert Döring. Hopefully one day this Web page will give you some real information and documentation about vgetty. If you want to help with this task, please get in contact with Gert.

Documentation to read:


Simple vgetty installation

mgetty/vgetty modem database

If you have patches, bug reports or questions about vgetty, please write them to Gert Döring.

Marc Eberhard , Date: Wed Feb 12 07:59:03 GMT 2003