mgetty/vgetty Modem Database


Now it is ready for use: (english version) (german version)
I have rewritten the database. It is now quicker and easier to insert informations.

Now it is up to YOU (the users) to fill in the database with your experiences. I've started and entered all AT-Command-Sets of Modems I have.

How to use:

To read what we still have: (english) (german)
shows you an overview of modem types and firmwares, listed in the database. Klick on a modem to see more details like AT-Commands, detailed votings, comments.

The values listed in the Overview are general experiences. More detailed values are on the page.

To fill in your own experiences:

Look at if your modem and firmware is listed:

YES: click at vote and fill in your experiences.
NO: click at the blue button 'add new modem' and enter some data and your experiences.

If you don't/can't answer all questions: leave them out.

Additional comments are optional.

Your name and Email-Address are visible in your comment. You can leave it out.

Further help:

not needed until now, tell me if it is necessary.

If there are any questions left about these WebPages, write me, (Simone Demmel ) I'll try to answer them.